Helicopter 3D: Flight sim 2


Helicopter 3D flight simulator 2 puts the most epic helicopters under your fingertips. Become a real helicopter pilot and enjoy this helicopter simulator action game that combines stunning 3D graphics with easy to understand flight control system. Fly with a gunship over towns and destroy targets on the ground in real gunship battle training. If you love helicopter games where you can fly trough the skies with different copters. Like a gunship heli like the apache that you need to operate like supreme lord of the skies. Helicopter 3D flight simulator 2 is a helicopter action game that will provide you hours of gameplay. One of the best helicopter simulator games on the google play store, take a seat and strap on tight into your cockpit as you would do as a real helicopter simulator pilot. If you’re looking for a fun and in depth helicopter 3D flight simulator, Helicopter 3D flight simulator 2 is a great choice. In the flying mode you will have loads of challenges that will test your skills as a helicopter pilot. Play the different game modes like sneak and destroy, cargo drop and delivery, but also gunship battle helicopter 3d missions where you need to destroy your enemies from the sky. Helicopter 3D flight simulator 2 game features - Loads of different helicopter 3D game missions - Easy to learn but still challenging enough for every helicopter games pilot - Buy new challenge missions - Master the flight controls of different helicopters in this newest helicopter simulator game Are you ready for one of the most amazing helicopter flight simulator games? Please give us some support by rating our game on Google Play or following us on: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VascoGames Twitter - https://twitter.com/VascoGames YouTube - http://goo.gl/HChVVx

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