Blade: Sword of Elysion is an epic action RPG infinite. It goes from one dungeon to another exterminating enemies and destroying the forces of evil. Eludi attacks of the other heroes and defeat them in the fray of an arena of blood. Show all your courage in ruthless battles in PvP! Finally there is the free RPG that broke all records! More than 6 million downloads! And there's more. FIVE GAME MODES FOR ACTION WITHOUT END! - Map of the world live the adventure through various regions with over 100 levels. - Arena: Fight and dominates in real time coming to play with 10 players. - PvP: prove your courage! Armed and defend yourself in a fight melee on all platforms. - Infinity Dungeon: defeat hordes and hordes of enemies. - System of guilds and assaults, take your place at the head of a guild or join forces with those of others during a siege will become a group with which everyone will have to deal. THE TOP OF ACTION RPG UNREAL ENGINE TECHNOLOGY! - The graphics are realistic and perfect even in the dynamics of the blows of swords and spell casting lethal. EQUIPMENT, ARMS AND ACCESSORIES LEGENDARY! - Get hundreds of weapons and armor with which to be always in advantage over your opponents. ACTIVE AND RUN THE UPGRADE OF MULTIPLE SKILLS! - Customize your skills passive and active to launch fierce attacks. MISSIONS DAY AND CONTINUING WITH MANY COMPANIES! - Participate in daily quests and get rewards when you achieve your goals.

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