The Xbox is a video game console produced by Microsoft. Belonging to the sixth generation, has been put on sale November 15, 2001 in North America, February 22, 2002 in Japan and March 14 in Europe and Australia. Represents the first attempt to enter Microsoft has realized the Xbox using material all in all analogous to that present in the standard PC, in contrast to what is customary in the design of the console for the game, which invariably adopt disciplined engineering with proprietary architecture. Its features made the console potentially superior to competitors even though it never got to fully utilize the hardware.
Cpu: Intel Coppermine-32 bit @733 MHz
Memory: 64 MByte DDR SDRAM unified @ 200 MHz System Bandwidth @ 6.4 GB / s
Video-Card: NVIDIA NV2A @233 MHz[
Effect:Pixel Shader Model 1.1 Graphics rendering peak of 125 million polygons (155 million vertices per second / 30 million triangles) Shading 4 Shaders unified type Fillrate in pixels per second from 932 megasamples Fillrate in texels per second from 1.86 gigatexels Linear filter (bilinear and trilinear) Anti-aliasing including quincunx x4
Disco: DVD-ROM 2x~5xCAV (2.6~6.6 MB/s)
Hard-Disk: ATA 3,5 pollici da 8 o 10 GByte
Comunication: Fast Ethernet LAN a 100 Mbit/s.

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